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Frequently asked questions


The items on the site are one of a kind (made only one was your clue!). What you order is the exact item you get. Double check that the item in your cart is the item you really want before you hit the buy button.


We want you to be happy with your purchase. Made Only One must be notified of all merchandise returns within 5 business days upon receipt of delivery. Returns after this notification date may be subject to up to 50% restocking fee which is at the sole discretion of Made Only One. All returns require a return authorization. Please contact us directly at hello[@] to receive a number. Please ensure that your package is insured and that shipping charges are prepaid. Merchandise for return must be packaged in such a way as to avoid breakage. Breakages that occur due to inadequate or improper packaging will result in denial of fund transfer: you break it you buy it. Shipping charges on all return merchandise are non-refundable and exchanges will incur additional charges. All returns must reference your return authorization number and be clearly labeled as a return. Please return merchandise through a delivery service that provides a tracking number and requires a signature for verification of receipt (for example, FedEx, UPS or USPS registered mail). You will be given a return shipping address along with your return authorization number.


SHIPPING: All items on the site are for immediate purchase. As such items will ship within days of placing your order. There will be a 2 day grace period once orders are placed before shipment can occur to give you time to cancel…see below

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellation notice must be given within 48 hours of the placement of the original order; otherwise a 20% restocking charge will apply. Cancellations after 48 hours are subject to a 50% restocking charge. no cancellations are accepted once an order has been shipped.